Things I wish we all knew before starting to use social media

I do not usually have many rules but for social Media I do have some that I keep reminding myself of and which I wish I knew right from the start: 1. Someone who knows you only through social media knows only your projection, not you. Turns out our own aspirations, biases, insecurities among others … Continue reading Things I wish we all knew before starting to use social media

#7 The meaning of “Rhetoric”

No matter which society or civilization we look at, progress/big changes have always stemmed from having rallied people behind a cause/system/individual/group of individuals. The causes in themselves might be controversial; Sometimes motivated by selfishness, self-righteousness, stereotypes, and animosity. So what makes it work then? How do certain individuals/group of individuals get the rest to rally behind their ideas … Continue reading #7 The meaning of “Rhetoric”

#5 The origins of Salary (through salt)

The history of Salt and salary are intertwined. In present day, we make extensive use the term salary. But what is a salary? where did this word come from?  Salary originated from "sal" and "Salarium". Here are some interesting facts both about salt and salary: Salt is precious and necessary for life Humans need salt to … Continue reading #5 The origins of Salary (through salt)