I like Windows 10 but sometimes you just wish you could tweak a few things in it. Recently I made some modifications to my desktop. Sure, it takes some memory and affects performance but as a person, the changes have improved my productivity. My desktop is now clean and uncluttered, providing clarity and, through the dock every app I need is within reach without being a hassle.

Who has the most valuable data: Facebook or Google?

Everybody knows that the two tech giants collect a ton of data about us (unless you are living in a cave with no internet and access to civilization). What drives them to collect this information is profitability. People in the marketing and advertising industry are willing to pay a lot to know about their potential … Continue reading Who has the most valuable data: Facebook or Google?

Let’s talk online security

These past few days two major alarms were set off. One by Mathy Vanhoef who demonstrated how basically every wifi-enabled device could be compromised and second one concerns Adobe's¬†infamous flash software. A bit earlier this year we had the infamous WannaCry¬†ransomware attack. But these are just the tip of the iceberg, the ones that are … Continue reading Let’s talk online security