Identify your Instagram Unfollowers in 3 EASY steps via Excel

Do you have those annoying account that follow you so that when you will follow them back, that they can unfollow you in order for them to have a huge follower base ratio (if that makes any sense)? OR Do you have someone who you consider a great friend and you constantly like their posts … Continue reading Identify your Instagram Unfollowers in 3 EASY steps via Excel

#3: Getting started with Time-lapse photography

Since I have had my camera, I had lots of fun taking pictures, experimenting in manual mode and doing small stop motion animation. I, however, had never tried time-lapse photography.. until last weekend. Time-lapse photography is an awesome technique! In terms of storytelling, Time-lapse can let you do incredible things and provides an immersive experience. Here's one … Continue reading #3: Getting started with Time-lapse photography

Let’s talk online security

These past few days two major alarms were set off. One by Mathy Vanhoef who demonstrated how basically every wifi-enabled device could be compromised and second one concerns Adobe's infamous flash software. A bit earlier this year we had the infamous WannaCry ransomware attack. But these are just the tip of the iceberg, the ones that are … Continue reading Let’s talk online security