20th Century: History As You’ve Never Seen It Before – Richard Overy

20th Century: History As You've Never Seen It Before by Richard Overy My rating: 4 of 5 stars Any person remotely interested in history will find this book very captivating. This book is a visual delight. It is filled with records, photography and illustration designs from the various eras making it easier to get a … Continue reading 20th Century: History As You’ve Never Seen It Before – Richard Overy

#3: Getting started with Time-lapse photography

Since I have had my camera, I had lots of fun taking pictures, experimenting in manual mode and doing small stop motion animation. I, however, had never tried time-lapse photography.. until last weekend. Time-lapse photography is an awesome technique! In terms of storytelling, Time-lapse can let you do incredible things and provides an immersive experience. Here's one … Continue reading #3: Getting started with Time-lapse photography

#2: Understanding histogram

The histogram is a basic, simple but very useful tool that can be accessed both on your camera or via the software you use for post-processing of images. It is essentially about exposure. A histogram can help identify if a picture is overexposed or underexposed. It's no longer a guesswork (or rather a more accurate guesswork). By using … Continue reading #2: Understanding histogram