#5 The origins of Salary (through salt)

The history of Salt and salary are intertwined. In present day, we make extensive use the term salary. But what is a salary? where did this word come from?  Salary originated from "sal" and "Salarium". Here are some interesting facts both about salt and salary: Salt is precious and necessary for life Humans need salt to … Continue reading #5 The origins of Salary (through salt)

#4 The meaning of “Kafkaesque”

Franz Kafka's stories all shared a particular characteristic  "the main character is aloof, kind of a prisoner of his circular reasoning. Procedures are bewilderingly long, complex and the laws and rules governing the procedures are confusing/unknown/unclear. This particular characteristic is what gave birth to the term "Kafkaesque". Below are some interesting elements about the history of … Continue reading #4 The meaning of “Kafkaesque”

#3 The meaning of “Orwellian”

"Orwellian" means to use language as a means to deceive and manipulate. As we often observe, the practice is highly prevalent in politics but also elsewhere such as in corporations, religions or simply by individuals. Below are some key elements about the word Orwellian: Orwellian is derived from the name of author "George Orwell". Geoge … Continue reading #3 The meaning of “Orwellian”