Affinity Photo It is the best alternative to photoshop that I have found and used. Affinity photo won the award for"Best Imaging Software" in 2016 by TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association. It has a non-perpetual licensing which means that once I purchased it, this piece of software is now owned by me, unlike Adobe products … Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHY #4: POST PROCESSING SOFTWARE

Photography #3: Getting started with Time-lapse photography

Since I have had my camera, I had lots of fun taking pictures, experimenting in manual mode and doing small stop motion animation. I, however, had never tried time-lapse photography.. until last weekend. Time-lapse photography is an awesome technique! In terms of storytelling, Time-lapse can let you do incredible things and provides an immersive experience. Here's one … Continue reading Photography #3: Getting started with Time-lapse photography

Photography #2: Understanding histogram

The histogram is a basic, simple but very useful tool that can be accessed both on your camera or via the software you use for post-processing of images. It is essentially about exposure. A histogram can help identify if a picture is overexposed or underexposed. It's no longer a guesswork (or rather a more accurate guesswork). By using … Continue reading Photography #2: Understanding histogram

Wandering birds

After an endless wandering, the birds finally found what they were searching The tree was barren but "it would do", they said to themselves At last, they will be free from the shadows of the previous tree Away from all the commotion... Away from all the worries... Away from the constant noise...