Things Fall Apart -Chinua Achebe

Things Fall ApartThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of those books where you enjoy the story without necessary liking the main character. Onkonkwo is a lot of things but I doubt being “likable” can be considered one of them. Things Fall Apart is the first book that I have read from an African author so I cannot really compare but I think Achebe did a great job. The rich description and comprehensive narrative are there to make you feel like part of that world, part of that African tribe. You get a taste of what their lives are like, their daily routines, their religions, superstitions and cultures. That is the redeeming quality of the book and why I would recommend it to be read. You will get a better sense of what life could be like or has been like in another part of the world.
Although it might seem like it at first, this is not about a hero. Without giving too much away I would say that this is more or less a book about a very flawed person living in a patriarchal little world of his own with insecurities and ego deeply ingrained within him. An unfortunate event ruptures his daily routine and to add to that, his world is experiencing a phase of transition that he is unable to comprehend and accept. This is a book about a man, who in the end is so insecure and unwilling to accept change, that he finally breaks.

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