I like Windows 10 but sometimes you just wish you could tweak a few things in it. Recently I made some modifications to my desktop. Sure, it takes some memory and affects performance but as a person, the changes have improved my productivity. My desktop is now clean and uncluttered, providing clarity, and through the dock, every app I need is within reach without being a hassle.

I am including below a video demo and all the necessary links if ever you wish to customize your workstation.

You can download the Rainmeter tool at It will allow you to customize your desktop. The app is inclusive of a default skin but if you wish to use the same skin that I have, you will need to download it on Epoca and then use Rainmeter to apply it.

As for wallpapers, I like to use Unsplash. Here is the link to the particular image I used in the video

I kept the best for last. My favourite tool among them all is the RocketDock by Punklabs. It is customisable and contrary to other docks out there in the Windows ecosystem, it is free. You can download it at

If you have any other tricks or tools you use, let me know.



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