Identify your Instagram Unfollowers in 3 EASY steps via Excel

Do you have those annoying account that follow you so that when you will follow them back, that they can unfollow you in order for them to have a huge follower base ratio (if that makes any sense)?


Do you have someone who you consider a great friend and you constantly like their posts and leave them messages, share memes with them on the platform without you knowing that they do not even follow you or quietly unfollowed you?

I won’t get into the details of the WHY and I will refrain from judging, the point is. Instagram has made it difficult to notice such things and that kind of annoys me.

Maybe it has to do with my ego or maybe respect that I give to myself and to someone who I feel do not want to talk, I just prefer to identify and unfollow back.  I believe friendship is a two way road. Unless you happen to be a company like Under Armor or a celebrity like Antoine Griezmann, I fail to see why I should follow you if you have no interest in my life as an individual. I don’t do this out of spite or hatred. If some things are not meant to be, you do not force it. If some people want to see less of you, you respect that.


Log into your Instagram account through a web browser.

Click on your profile, then on “Followers”, then copy the whole list that appears and past them in a column on excel.

Repeat the same step for “Following” and paste in a new column on excel.



On Excel now, remove duplicates from the two columns by using the replace option (ctrl+f) and Remove Duplicates feature found under “data”.



Select the two columns and then click on Conditional Formatting – Highlight cell rules – Duplicate values.

All highlighted names means that, you follow these people and they follow you back. The names of accounts not highlighted are people that either solely follow you or you solely follow them depending on the column you are looking at.


There are many apps that could or claim to do this job especially on android however it all depends on how willing you are to give unchecked access of your Instagram account to a third party. Personally I am not comfortable with sharing my data with third party and this method involves none.

There you are, it’s easy and safe for your data as you do not have to open access to third party apps. A word of caution: please don’t abuse this and do not be obsessed with followers/followings.


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