You should learn Excel

If there is one tool that I’d recommend you to master irrespective of your profession, that would excel. From what I have seen so far, everyone seems to be using Excel yet many people know only the basic of it, which often contributes to why working on spreadsheets seem so tedious and time consuming.

Excel is versatile, you can apply it to organize your personal life and home budget but its main value is in your professional life. Mastering Excel can make you a whole lot more efficient and productive.

Lately I have noticed some friends, family members and people in general either struggling, looking to learn or inefficiently using excel. It occurred to me then to write on this topic as it might be helpful.

There are lots of courses out there on the internet and there are also physical classrooms that you could attend but these are likely to cost you money. Moreover there is no guarantee that, what you will learn is going to suit your needs or that it will be quality lessons. I recommend using Microsoft Virtual Academy which by the way is totally FREE and created by qualified professionals. You will have a variety of lessons that you can opt to learn at your own pace, depending on their relevancy and on your proficiency level. If like me you self learn most of your stuffs online, this might be an invaluable resource for you and then there is YouTube (my other favorite learning platform). Usually when I am stuck with something, YouTube explanations are my lifelines.

Here is one with 25 very useful tips and tricks:





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