Things I wish we all knew before starting to use social media

I do not usually have many rules but for social Media I do have some that I keep reminding myself of and which I wish I knew right from the start:

1. Someone who knows you only through social media knows only your projection, not you.
Turns out our own aspirations, biases, insecurities among others play a big role in how we wish to present yourself to the world. We are not completely honest, even with our pictures, the use of filters, things we deliberately omit from the frame or things we deliberately omit from making public.This brings us to our second fact.

2. You are not what you post but how you act.
Just posting nice things does not make me or make you into a good person. It’s how you act. Sharing a video of someone helping a poor person with hearts and thumbs up emojis is one thing, helping a poor person when you encounter one is another.

3. Turning off social Media once in a while is good.
Social media is filled with constant and endless voices, opinions and buzzes. Mute all the noises so that you can concentrate on your own voice and be with only your own thoughts for a while when you can. Let go of this irrational fear of missing out and of this constant need for validation.

4. Be a skeptic.
The currency of social media is attention. So just because something is becoming popular and trending on the platforms do not automatically means it’s accurate or true. Contents visible to you are based on your likings and what you would most agree with. Don’t live in that small bubble that will restrict your thinking to only things that you would agree with. In the long run, all it will do is make you become intolerant to others different from you and limit your learning and development as an individual. When you find a piece of information or article, do a fact-checking from different sources, come up with your own thoughts and opinions and then look at the opinions of others before jumping to any conclusion.

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