My ranting about this imperfect world

Why am I sharing this? Well just to make a point. Not everything makes sense in this world. Not everything which is fair is legal and vice versa. Not everything is being done for the betterment of “us” as a whole. Some decisions are deliberately taken to benefit only a few at the detriment of the mass.

We are high on consumerism! what we seem to reward most are narcissistic and psychopathic traits. Think of all those glorified CEOs and top executives and their mission for more profits. The consequence is only one, more disparity. We seem to privilege that grandiose lifestyle to the point of even putting it on a pedestal.


Social Welfare, morality, justice, equality are only secondary. There is always a discrimination in how laws and rules are applied. We are teaching ourselves and our generations on how to become more ruthless, more self and profit oriented. ( and I haven’t even touched about politics yet).

There is always this double standard in our societies. We glorify all the large corporations that are here to make more and more profits even if nothing good comes out of it. We judge people, based on their bank account and the suits they wear. “Oh that’s an expensive tie so automatically he’s got such great taste. Oh, he has the most lavish house and a sports car, automatically he must be doing a great great job!”

He’s got a great job, who cares if he’s ripping people off while putting the person through an endless loop of paperwork.

“Oh, him? I never paid much attention! Maybe he is a nurse or something I think. He has hard work and shifts at night etc and chances that he will become a millionaire is very slim so do not pay much attention to him and ughh their work are gory. He is a nobody! forget him. Just like that guy that works in the field in all that dirt. I wonder how people choose to live with them.”

Right? Because success is money nowadays! Who cares who is making your food or tending to the health of people or educating children or protecting the environment.  You can look down to those people because in any case, you have more money right?

Let me put it in an equation:

Selfish hypocrite Society = Man in Suit & Tie > Farmer/teacher etc…

We have made normal become  boring.

Normal is boring and ugly… we are taught that! The shows are all about glamor, the emphasis is all about looks and money. There are so many stories are about rich princes, princesses, heirs, and heiress of large fortunes. Ah, how convenient!

How will we love common people when all that we are fed are the idea and unrealistic images of actors and actresses with perfect figures and no blemishes! Natural marks are digitally wiped. Thanks to technology and makeup, the overall subliminal message is” life is easy when you look pretty”.

We seem to be totally okay now with growing disparity as long as we can be sold false dreams of better prospects and the illusion of choices.

Maybe not all of us are like this, but I think it is fair to say that a lot of us are and the figure will continue on rising… I often ask myself, “We supposedly the smartest of all the species on this planet, how did we arrive at such a place? Or are we more predatory, hypocritical and selfish than intelligent?”

Still unconvinced? Here’s an example of inequality in our ‘civilized’ and ‘modern’ world.

I genuinely think the point of life is not to have lived and died rich but rather to live well. To live a meaningful life that has purpose and is contributing to more than just our own self. To spend your time on things you believe in and enjoy. Because in the end, money is just a currency that we created in order to exchange our time against so that we can then exchange money against goods or experiences.

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