#3 The meaning of “Orwellian”

“Orwellian” means to use language as a means to deceive and manipulate. As we often observe, the practice is highly prevalent in politics but also elsewhere such as in corporations, religions or simply by individuals.

Below are some key elements about the word Orwellian:

  1. Orwellian is derived from the name of author “George Orwell”.
  2. Geoge Orwell is the author of novels such as “1949” and “animal farm”.
  3. George Orwell was a pen name used by a British author, his true name is “Eric Blair”.
  4. The constant pervasive surveillance that we often refer to as “big brother is watching”, also originated from Blair’s novel 1949. Big brother was a character in the novel.
  5. Eric Blair was a fervent supporter of democratic socialism believing in values such as liberty, equality, and solidarity;
  6. Through his works and throughout his life, he fought against anti democratic forces.
  7. He was curious about the “why” and “how” anti democratic ideologies proliferated and were accepted.
  8.   He found that language played a key role; controlling the narrative meant you could influence thoughts and opinions of people.
  9. His two best-known works (1949 and Animal farm) serves as a warning against such practices.

One of my most favorite books is “Animal farm”. His works often depicted social injustices and repressive or authoritarian governments.  I recommend everyone to read his works namely  1949 and animal farm. A lot of his works and ideas are very much relevant, even in today’s world (or especially in today’s world). Afterall we still live in an “Orwellian” society.


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