#1 The origins of Tea

As a tea lover, I found it appropriate to start this series with the origins of tea. Here are a few interesting facts about tea.

  1. Tea started as a miraculous cure for poisoning according to an ancient legend
  2. It originated from China
  3. Tea was originally meant to be eaten as vegetable or cooked in the earlier days
  4. Tea became a drink only some 15 hundred years ago (from 2017).
  5. China had a monopoly over tea, which along with silk and porcelain were its three major export good.
  6. Tea was being exported to Europe to be sold at 10 times the price of Coffee
  7. British East India company stole tea and some tea workers from China and smuggled them to Darjeeling India
  8. Tea was cultivated in Darjeeling and it then spread across the world.

Amazing, how tea has such a fascinating story and how what was once consumed as food became the second most popular drink in the world. I personally love the “elaichi chai”(cardamom tea).


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