I am in an “on and off” relationship with social media.

I often decide to pull the plug Facebook and Instagram. Now, why would someone do that, especially when a major and significant portion of his job consists of being tech savvy?  Because I believe it is awfully good at distraction and procrastination. You can do nothing on certain days than scroll and read things simply because:

  1. You can
  2. It’s easy
  3. It is way less challenging than the other jobs you may have for the day
  4. the likes are addictive

I want to focus more on things that I care about and which brings meaning to my life. Social media does it to a certain point, but ironically also blocks me from focusing. The way I see it, it brings little value to the table.
Now I am not condemning those who use or inferring in any way that those who do not use are better, more productive or successful individuals. If it works for you then great. I am very happy for you. For me, it doesn’t. I’d rather have focus than an endless distraction to feed my already bad procrastination habit. I’d rather focus on the more real and meaningful experience.

Some researchers are suggesting that we are a generation that socializes online yet we do not rely on each other. We will often use it to boost our own ego. Numerous researchers have begun associating heavy social media usage with depression.

My own experience and belief tell me that virtual connection is nothing as strong as the one we feel with a real person alongside us. Whether at a library, coffee shop, bus trip or community gathering such as a football match.

The irony of our current behavior baffles me. Instead of truly enjoying a moment we are now more worried about how the rest of our virtual community perceive us. It’s becoming more and more about pretenses, appearances, edited pictures and an unhealthy need to please the audience. Food is more about the aesthetics than the taste. We all know that guy who is literally begging for likes through his 15 to 20 several superfluous and highly vague hashtags. I think I can safely say that we -being a generation having been fed this load of unrealistic and edited humungous crap in the form of feeds- now feels more insecure and less confident about ourselves. So much that we won’t upload a selfie or picture without retouching it. We have set unrealistic standards and compete on metrics such as the number of likes and comments and love and shares and what not… Like who the hell are we trying to please?


There is beauty in the imperfect being that we all are, there is beauty in your scars, even the zits and definitely the freckles. We are constantly trying to hide, to modify our identity just because we are being exposed to contents that are setting a very unrealistic definition of what beauty and natural is.

For some people, in the end, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook just builds pressure, it has become a competition about whose life is better or greater, and people cheat and do all kinds of things, post pictures of others, project a skewed and very artificial sense of themselves in order to please the crowd.

If these platforms are indeed a competition then I simply refuse to compete at this silly and pointless charade. My philosophy to life is the same as to the reason of “why” I write. For myself! whether it is judged, liked, loved or hated does not matter as long as I stay true to myself.

While I do have an active Facebook account, I removed the app from my phone. It kills the distractions. I did not find such a solution for Instagram unfortunately. The web and windows version does not allow uploads. So while I use Instagram, I try to keep an open eye. In that world, not everything is as perfect as it seems to be and we need to be aware and constantly remind ourselves of that.

My other solution is to disappear from social media for a while, maybe a few weeks and just focus on living outside of it. I quite enjoy that the fact that I can stroll down a beach and sit on the sands without worrying that I have to share this on Instagram or facebook for all my friends to see. The solitude and silence feel warm and nice.

Want to give me your views? Leave a comment, emails, DM me through my social profiles or let’s  meet for a little chat over a cup of coffee or tea. The choice is yours, my friend. Surprise me.

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