Encourage learning, not marks and ranks.

I know how it feels to be a topper or at least to be among them. I was one of them in primary school.IMG_20170723_141336_871 To feel the pressure and the insecurities as you start crumbling along the way. The stress and burden that comes with it, that of being looked down. The involuntary ego. The fear and reluctance to try something new as there would be the risk of being shamed if you fail. That’s when you start to restrict yourself around a cocoon, that’s where the pleasure of learning and exploring is abandoned. That’s when you start being less you and more what people want you to be. It is strange how everyone has their own idea of what or who you should be but ask them about themselves “who they should be” and suddenly no one has a clear answer.
I am grateful I made friends that taught me a few lifelong lessons. They taught me about friendship, loyalty, teamwork, humility, confidence and that people matter more than a piece of paper.They taught me that education is important when you make something meaningful and helpful out of it. It is not important to always be a topper. Learning is not about that. It is way more than that, it is about satisfying that curiosity that we have. Very often what society will consider as the less qualified one, turns out to be the more capable one. So this is a statement and a reminder for myself, that I refuse to conform to this system where we have a prejudice and judge the capability of a person based on papers.

3 thoughts on “Encourage learning, not marks and ranks.

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