Why pocket is the best app I ever discovered!

Now before I go any further, I must clarify that even though this seems to be a very recent discovery, It absolutely is NOT! had discovered pocket a long while ago (5-6 years ago).

Pocket is the one app that I have had consistently and probably used the most.
It is very handy, you can save any article from the web to later read it at your own pace with ease when offline. In its creator’s own word “Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover, and recommend the best, most interesting stories on the Web. ”

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it. I just remember that some 5-6 years ago when I got my first smartphone, this app was among those I downloaded first and since then I always have had it.

Over the years that I used it, pocket sort of became like the favourite book that a child always carries around and reads whenever he has some free time. In my case, I loved to read and discover new things. I was then a student with very little money to buy lots of books and an awfully lot of free time. I live in a small village quite far so whether it was to go to university, internships or the capital of the island ‘Port Louis’ it always meant 1-4 hours a day would be spent in travelling (a lot of it alone). I loved reading and at that point, it did not matter much whether it was books or not. I had found a solution, whenever I found something interesting on Facebook, Flipboard, Google newstand or on any other sources, I would just save it to pocket. Over the past years, I have spent a lot of my time reading articles about new trends, entrepreneurship, technology like the cloud, Internet of Things, photography, cinematography, music, art, physics, philosophy, management, politics, economics, science.. (In short nearly anything and everything I found to captivate my attention).
I can safely say that pocket has been instrumental in my learning during the last 5 years. The way I see the world has never been the same again. I would archive and use tags in articles that i really enjoyed and then, later on, would retrieve and reference those articles and facts in a lot of my assigments during my time at the university or in life.
I still do it today, in my life or at work. And I still have that annoyingly long bus travel where I enjoy my reading and now some writing. (the entirety of this post minus the edits have been produced on a morning bus travel to work ).

You can download pocket the and its extension for chrome. By syncing both you’ll be able to very easily save articles of interest to you from your web browser to your smartphone.

I am in no way affiliated to Pocket nor do I receive any income. I am simply sharing my experience. You can find here my profile and my shared articles. If you think you have worthwhile reading or something from your own experience that you want to share, feel free to do so.

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