Developpers conference 2017 and Bots


I love the communities we have here in Mauritius especially for technology. It brings novel ways of seeing things and solving them. It is an open culture that promotes learning and sharing. Over the years I have noticed that the communities keep on growing. Initially, I knew only of the Microsoft Student Partner community which I eventually joined. This became one of the best decision I took back then, it opened the doors to more communities and this culture of learning while sharing and collaborating. Eventually, I have discovered more communities such as the Linux community, the -IoT focused- makers community and the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community among many others.

The developers’ conference is where we all meet and share. I was especially taken by surprise with one demo about NodeBots. Rahul and Dishay (2 MSPs) demoed live how light could be controlled and switched on and off simply through a Bot on any chat apps (in their case they used the telegram app).

Since then I have been fascinated by this technology and its potential. I have been trying to learn more about it. It seems pretty straightforward to learn with already available resources(if you have dabbled a bit with Javascript in the past, you might find it even easier). Rahul wrote a very comprehensive blog article on how to get started with NodeBots which I found very helpful (as I am actually planning to purchase some of the equipment and giving it a try myself).

This is the beauty of the various communities in Mauritius for tech, they encourage innovations. Dishay, one of the two presenter and fellow MSP has already since then have had a paper published on how IoT could contribute and improve the agricultural sector of Mauritius that you can read from here. Congratulations Dishay and thank you to all the communities out there!

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