Let me tell you about my dream.

Truth be told this is not my attempt to a blog. I have tried writing blogs a couple of times in the past, I have both failed and learned.

I love writing especially for an audience of one; I have been doing it a lot as a kid (the traditional way of pen and paper). But when it came to online blogging one of the things I learned was I was being too hard on myself, too critical. I was being reluctant to speak about myself. The fear of being laughed at or judged felt too much to bear at that time.

However, all these choices, all the failures, and lessons have brought me to this point. I now feel at ease and confident. So let me share something about myself for you to know me a little bit better.

Those who know me would know that I have always loved reading (yeah I was the kid that got really excited for library time during college), but those who know me a bit more intimately knows that it is my childhood dream to actually write a novel/book as an author. I did not become an author (yet) but I do love my job a lot, it is creative and refreshing. Marketing and advertising require scriptwriting and creative writing which  I enjoy a lot.


So what happened to that boy and his dream? Well, it is a spark that has still been kept alive. Between the long hours of commute to work and the random deep thoughts, I still scribble inside my diary some plots and characters. Someday, I am hoping I will definitely write that book! And you, what is your dream?

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